Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chick Fil A answers the call

You might say it had to happen sooner or later. And Ronn Torossian believes you would be right. Delighting fans everywhere, Chick Fil A recently announced that they would be pairing their world famous chicken with the one perfect – and perfectly American – side dish. That’s right. Chick Fil A is making waffles. At least, Torossian reports, they are trying it.

The chain is experimenting with the combination in a location sure to be at least amiable to the idea – Central Georgia. There is no doubt that chicken and waffles is incredible southern comfort food. And there is no doubt that if the meal is not fit for the southern palette, it probably won’t fly anywhere.

But Chick Fil A isn’t putting all its egg in one basket. The company is also testing the chicken and waffles combination in Memphis, Tennessee, Philadelphia, and California. Depending on the results of the tests, Chick Fil A might roll out the combination in all its stores. Fans of both the breakfast and the chain are hopeful.

It’s no secret the Chick Fil A has been on a public relations roller coaster in recent years. Caught up in political and social issues, the restaurant began to make enemies. There were protests for and against. Multiple news stories said nothing about the food and everything they could about every other aspect of the business.

Then, more and more people began to express the opinion that Chick Fil A just needed to shut up and make chicken.

The company responded by rolling out several new menu options, including the chicken and waffles breakfast. Other choices included specialty coffee, egg-white chicken grill sandwich, and even Greek yogurt. Yes, Greek yogurt.

Though the chain has had “some success” with its chicken tenders and waffles combo, they say it’s far too early to know where they will go from here. One thing’s for sure, though. Chick Fil A was right to get out of politics and get back into the food business.

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