Friday, July 10, 2015

Lessons From a Top Social Media CEO

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently spoke at Wisdom 2.0, a business conference in San Francisco. He talked about lessons he’s learned on his rise to the top. We can all learn a lot about management success from what Weiner had to say.

First, Weiner has always striven to earn the trust of anyone he reports to. It’s not enough for him to Do The Job. He works hard to make certain those assigning the work to him as well as those who need that work done know they can trust him to get it done. To do it right and to accomplish that task in a way that will make the whole company better.

One aspect of Weiner’s management approach that may surprise some of the business leadership old guard is his commitment to compassionate management. When an employee comes to him with a problem that has them frustrated or at a loss, instead of immediately forcing the employee to figure out how to solve the problem, Weiner attempts to understand what has the employee so flummoxed.

Not only does this approach help the employee, but it also helps Weiner better understand that employee. Better still, an empathetic approach to inter-office communication creates a healthier, more team-oriented environment. When your employees understand they can come to you for help instead of being penalized for failings or shortcomings they will be more eager to learn and more willing to accept constructive criticism.

Both of these results are better for your business. When employees are more enthusiastic about getting better, they will be quicker to identify and attack personal deficiencies. When your workforce is actively working to become better, your entire operation is in a constant cycle of assessment and improvement, and you don’t have to do much more than guide the process.

When you have a team more willing to listen to constructive criticism you can get more done, better and faster. That is because you can skip a lot of the drama that comes from people letting their insecurities get the better of them.

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